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"John knows digital. And John knows lighting. . .
John set up our entire digital studio and then photographed tons of product
in an extremely short period of time. And it looked great."
Joe Phelps The Phelps Group

"John practically started with the first photoshop guys.
This guy is a genius with photoshop. I wouldn't trust or go to anyone else!"
Jimmi Mayweather
Intrepid Music Inc

"We value John’s experience in producing superior photo shoots."
Stephen Kamifuji
Genlux Magazine

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, April 2006 – Genlux, the premiere Los Angeles luxury fashion magazine, has named Melissa Rodwell as its photo editor and John Hartigan as its director of digital editing, it was announced today by founder and creative director, Stephen Kamifuji of Genlux.  Rodwell and Hartigan collaborated on the cover shoot and fashion editorial for the Spring, 2006, issue of Genlux.

“We are pleased to welcome Melissa and John to Genlux.  I’ve admired their work as fashion and fine art photographers for some time, and value John’s experience in producing superior photo shoots. ... their experience and talents will enhance our creative vision,” says Kamifuji.

Hartigan has established himself as one of the most talented and versatile digital artists, and has worked for clients ranging from Fred Segal and Warner Records, to Panasonic and the U.S. Postal Service.  After graduating from Brooks Institute, Hartigan worked in the automotive photography business.  He was one of the first digital artists to embrace Photoshop and has distinguished himself as an expert with the program.

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